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Preparing Your Home To Go On The Market
If your goal is to sell your home quickly, and for top dollar, you’ll want to make sure you are presenting the best possible picture of the house, both inside and out. CLICK to learn how to prepare your home


Little Touches Can Make A BIG Difference
…arguably the most important part of preparing your home for sale because it’s the buyer’s first impression. Your home doesn’t necessarily have to be repainted, but it should look fresh, with no cracked paint. CLICK to see the little touches that can make your home sell


Gig Harbor Home Sellers Resource Page
Pricing Your Home Correctly
Selling your home faster means you save money on carrying costs, mortgage payments and other ownership costs. CLICK to learn why pricing is so important


Gig Harbor Home Sellers Resource Page
Helpful Moving Tips
Generally it’s best to get rid of excess items like unused furniture, outdated appliances, older clothing, the junk in boxes in the garage, etc. by having a garage sale before you move. CLICK for some helpful moving tips


Gig Harbor Home Sellers Resource Page
What to Expect At Closing (Escrow)
You’ve found the home you want, and your offer was accepted! Here are a few basics to help you understand the steps before the keys to the front door are placed in your hand. CLICK HERE for an easily viewed PDF “What to expect at Escrow”. Simple to download or print too!