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Little touches can make a big difference


1. Curb Appeal
This is arguably the most important part of preparing your home for sale because it’s the buyer’s first impression. Your home doesn’t necessarily have to be repainted, but it should look fresh, with no cracked paint. Consider pressure-cleaning sidewalks, resealing the driveway and replacing the mailbox. Get rid of any debris, weeds, and toys in the yard. Plant colorful flowers no more than six inches high.

2. Kitchens and Bathrooms
Kitchens are the No. 1 seller of homes, with bathrooms a close second. Consider replacing the kitchen counter tops if they’re old and bland. Everybody loves granite, but laminate, black Formica or four-inch tiles with grout aren’t bad alternatives and cost less. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If the house is listed at $500,000.00 or above, you probably need to spring for granite.
To spruce up the bathrooms, replace the fixtures and the sliding shower door. Hang some fluffy white towels. Above all, the bathrooms must be spotless.

3. Doors
The front door, if possible, should have glass side panels to allow light to shine through. Replacing the hardware with, say, antique bronze is a cost-effective way to make the door look new. Don’t forget to make sure the doorbell works. Doors inside the house should be painted and the hardware should be the same on each one. Fix any annoying squeaks.

4. Flooring
Wood is good, but make sure it’s sanded and restained. Laminate flooring also is fine, but it should be in a neutral color. Shampoo the carpet so it’s free of stains and pet smells.

5. Lighting
Upgrading the lighting is an inexpensive way to improve the look and mood of a house. Replace the fixtures, install dimmers and use soft-wattage light bulbs. Buy a chandelier, but nothing too ornate. Also, keep the outside lights on at night.

6. Living Room and Closets
A cluttered house quickly turns off buyers, so lose the knick-knacks. Make the house appear open and inviting. Pack up one-third of the closet’s contents and store the junk somewhere off site. A crowded closet tells buyers the house doesn’t have adequate storage.

7. Garage
Garage organization is big business these days and the before/after photos offer dramatic contrasts. The cost of organizing your garage can range to more than $15,000. You could do much of the work yourself.

8. Patio
Make sure the junk is gone. Set up the grill. Create a scene that allows potential buyers to see themselves relaxing outside and enjoying the backyard.

9. Ceilings
Adding crown molding and removing popcorn ceilings are nice touches but not necessary.

10. Pool/Spa/Sprinkler
The pool and spa should have enough water. If there are leaks, or if the equipment is broken, get busy. Don’t forget about checking the sprinkler system.

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