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Peninsula Schools Have A Lot To Offer Students
Test Score, Quality Of Teachers highlight Public School System
Marques Hunter of the Peninsula Gateway

The Peninsula School District, which comprises with elementary schools, four middle schools and three high schools, has one thing in common: A strong commitment to public education.
The PSD has more than 8,750 students in its schools and covers 120 Square miles on both the Gig Harbor and Key Peninsulas. As a leading district in innovative technology, the PSD strives to provide teh necessary tools that make education fun and challenging.

From kindergarten through high school, the PSD works to find new ways of improvement education programs. It recently started an all-day kindergarten program that is now the standard for all elementary schools—for free.

On a performance level, the students have met and exceeded the standard requirements for the Washington Assessment of Studen Learning in all categories, including mathematics.
In addition, the student’s Scholastic Aptitude Test scores in reading and math are higher then national averages.

But if it weren’t for the highly qualified teachers, the students wouldn’t have proper guidance and instruction. Nearly 75 percent of the district’s teachers have at least a master’s degree. Eight teachers within the district hold doctorate degrees.

With high performance expectations, the community has reacted by passing a number of bonds and levies, allowing for the development of a suitable financial strategy.
Two levies —one in 2005 and a previous on in 2002— passed, allowing for a variety of spending for safety repairs, health support staffing, academic success for each student, the development of curriculum and more.

Each school has quality academic programs in which students can gain the necessary skills to develop their own abilities.
Both Gig Harbor and Peninsula High Schools have a wide range of after-school sporting activities, such as track and field, soccer, baseball, football and water polo.
Eight out of 20 varsity programs at Gig Harbor High School earned the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association “Outstanding” Academic Award for a grade-point average of 3.5 or better.
About 543 students are scholar-athletes, as well.
At Peninsula High School, five of 21 varsity programs earned the WIAA “Outstanding” Academic Award, and 481 student-athletes earned the PHS Scholar Athlete Award.
The third high school is Henderson Bay, an alternative school on Skansie Avenue.
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